Oct 4, 2017 - By Stephanie Guzzardo

October Cosplay Showcase

We’ve got a special Showcase for you this month! With TwitchCon fast approaching, we wanted to shine the spotlight on three of the judges from the TwitchCon Cosplay Contest! Each of these judges competed and won in last year’s cosplay contest, so we invited them back to help us choose the winners this year. You can now also go behind the scenes to watch them work their magic during this spotlight!


After starting cosplay on a whim, VertVixen soon fell in love with the process of building and creating costumes! She’s made and cosplayed as many characters, however her three favorites are Shard, as it was her first hand built costume; female Lich King, because it was her first 3D printed costume; and Garrison because of her love for the franchise and character! Tune in to VertVixen’s streams to learn about creating your own 3D printed armor and costumes!


HokuProps started cosplaying because it simply just looked like too much fun. Seven years and several costumes later, he’s become quite the master prop-smith in the cosplay world. Last year he made a splash at TwitchCon, winning first place in the cosplay contest with his Lionhardt costume. Currently HokuProps is working on a new large build: Uther the Lightbringer which you may have a chance to see soon!


A 16 year veteran, AlpacaAsh was onboard with cosplaying the minute she found out she could make and wear costumes to conventions year round. Her two favorite costumes also mark two turning points in her cosplay career. Yukari from Paradise Kiss marked a first in tackling a complex costume (and a trip to the World Cosplay Summit!). Her Astrologian from Final Fantasy XIV marked the most difficult costume she’s made to date. Come watch her streams to enjoy a fun, relaxed environment, learn some new tips, and maybe catch her playing a game or two!

The full schedule for all of the front page streams is below:

Would you like your channel to be featured as part of the Cosplay Showcase? You can apply by going to fill out this form! And don’t forget to check out the finalists for the TwitchCon Cosplay Contest here!

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