Oct 2, 2017 - By Alice Karsevar

5 Reasons to attend TwitchCon 2017

We’re less than a month away from the kickoff of TwitchCon 2017, the best and biggest Twitch celebration of the year. If you haven’t snagged a ticket yet, you’re playing with fire, my friends.

But why should you go to TwitchCon? Maybe you haven’t heard about (deep breath…) the meet and greets, the community-led sessions, the live Streamer Zone, the arcade, the gaming tournaments, the $70,000 cosplay contest, the Artist Alley, the Bob Ross paint-along, the ridiculous party…

The hardest part of TwitchCon isn’t finding things to do, it’s deciding what to do with only three days. Thankfully, we have five suggestions picked out just for you.

1. Special Events

TwitchCon Talent Show: The best and brightest stars of Twitch are taking the Glitch Theater stage to show off their talents in theatre, comedy, dance, music, magic, and art. Take a quick break from Twitch chat and cheer on your favorites live for a change!

The Dark Harbor Party Presented by H1Z1: This year, the annual TwitchCon party takes place on a ghost ship. Yes, really. If you picked up a three-day or a Saturday pass, get into the party free at Queen Mary: Dark Harbor at 8:30PM on Saturday. We’ll have food, drinks, games, mazes, cash bars, and tons more to see and do.

Cosplay Contest: With over $70,000 up for grabs in the prize pool, you can bet the competition is going to be crazy. Out of hundreds of submissions, 20 finalist will take the stage at TwitchCon on Saturday at 5PM for final judgment. For more on the finalists and judges, check this out.

Creative Corner: Creativity is a huge part of what makes Twitch, Twitch, and the Creative Corner exists to celebrate that. Artists with passions of all kinds will have their creations on display, and several of them will be selling their art too. Grab some pocket cash and stop by; you never know what might catch your eye!

2. Sessions

We received many, many community-submitted ideas, and even though we love you all, we had to narrow it down to a final list of 80 TwitchCon 2017 sessions.

If it’s Twitch related and you want to hear about it, one of our 180+ speakers will surely be covering it. Are you a new streamer? Attend a panel on growing your audience or figuring out your taxes. If you’re a returning veteran, learn how to work with game developers or manage your mental health. And if you’re a Twitch viewer, use sessions as a chance to meet your favorite personalities and see how the sausage is made.

Sessions are spread out over all three days of TwitchCon, and some of them fill up quickly. We highly recommend taking a look at the Session schedule and getting your battle plan ready.

3. The Party

Okay, okay, we already mentioned the party, so we know we’re double dipping a bit, but again: it’s literally on a ghost ship.

TwitchCon is taking over the Queen Mary: Dark Harbor on Saturday night for a boat rockin’ party. The entire harbor and the ship itself are all yours to enjoy and explore, and the event will be complete with games, rides, concessions, mazes (definitely click that), and a cash bar. If you want a glimpse of what you’re in for, check out some pictures of last year’s event.

If you purchased a three-day or a Saturday ticket to TwitchCon, admission to the party is free. Doors open at 8:30PM on Saturday night, and we can’t wait to see you there.

4. Networking

Not the boring kind, of course. Think of it more like a chance to finally meet the people you already call friends.

Hundreds of your favorite Twitch streamers will be under one roof for one weekend only. When they aren’t participating in sessions, many of them will be roaming the meet and greet area throughout all three days of the show. So if you see someone, say hello or bring up a favorite moment!

5. Streamer Workshop

If you’re just starting out as a streamer, this is THE place to be. Come by for hands-on sessions and advice with the latest products, hardware, and software designed to help you create a professional Twitch channel.

TwitchCon 2017 will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center on October 20–22. Pick up your ticket now and join thousands of friends and fans for an IRL weekend to remember.

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