Jul 26, 2016 - By Anil Chirayath

The return of Mario Maker Mondays

If you missed the first season of Mario Maker Mondays, it showcased the rapidly growing Super Mario Maker community in a fun and competitive tournament. We were so impressed seeing the innovative level designs, thrilling competition, and amazingly close races that we wanted to help the event organizer iateyourpie make the second season even more amazing!

****Twitch is excited to announce we are sponsoring Mario Maker Mondays: Season 2 and giving away three trips to Twitchcon 2016! That’s right, we will be sending the two tournament finalists and winning level creator to Twitchcon where a Super Mario Maker champion will be crowned! This contest is open to North American residents (US and Canada) 18 and older. All you need is a Nintendo Wii U with Super Mario Maker, a Nintendo ID, and a Twitch channel.

Whether you want to get inventive and take part as a level creator, or want to race insane levels against top level competition, head over to streambig.net for all the details on signing up. The event will be hosted on MakersofMario.com, which is a one stop shop for Super Mario Maker races, playlists, and advanced level searches. Level creators have until 12:01AM EDT July 29, 2016 and racers have until 12:01AM EDT August 8, 2016 to register to participate. You can only do one or the other so choose wisely, and read the full rules here!

The format has been adjusted from Mario Maker Mondays: Season 1. Level creators will be chosen through the application process and be split into two teams. Those teams will create custom made levels for the racers to compete on during a four week season where points are accrued based on where competitors place in weekly races. After the season ends the 16 racers with the most points advance to a seeded single elimination playoff bracket and play down to two finalists. Those two finalists will head to sunny San Diego along with the winner of the level design contest who will make the final five levels to be played live at Twitchcon 2016!

Here is the full Schedule. Seasons races and playoffs will be on iateyourpie’s channel, and the finals will be on the Twitch channel:

Season races:

Week 1: 08/08/16–9:00PM EDT Week 2: 08/15/16–9:00PM EDT Week 3: 08/22/16–9:00PM EDT Week 4: 08/29/16–9:00PM EDT

Playoffs (Top 16):

Day 1: 09/11/16–9:00PM EDT Day 2: 09/12/16–9:00PM EDT Finals: 09/30/16 — Time TBD

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Jul 26, 2016

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